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Research and Development

HAZON has a robust Drone Research and Development group dedicated to improving existing data collection techniques and to test and refine new sensors to be used in our various missions. The HAZON R&D group has the ability to collect 3D photogrammetry imagery, multi-spectral data, volumetric data, LiDAR data and thermal imagery (IR). HAZON R&D routinely conducts Solar Farm inspections, Wind Generation Inspections, Cinematic Filming, Property and Buildings Inspections, Volumetric data collections and UAV Flight Training. HAZON has begun beyond visual line of site (BVLOS) testing in partnership with the energy sector and universities.

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Drone Research and Development
Aerial Data Collection
Aerial Filming

Our Mission

The delivery of actionable information that enhances our client’s efficiency and reliability by executing and enabling unmanned flight operations founded on naval aviation principles.

Customers First…Safety Always!

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HAZON Solutions is the industry leader - Providing unmanned aerial inspection services, capability development and professional grade drone fleet management software.

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