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The HAZON Drone Capability Development™

Drones have incredible potential to provide safety, financial and quality improvements. However, having the right programmatic framework and processes in place is the key to the long-term success of the program to ensure the benefits. The goal is to create a professional drone operation that complements and supports your existing operational and safety cultures.
At HAZON we recognize that some enterprise customers will elect to utilize their existing workforce to develop an organic drone capability. For this reason, HAZON has designed and successfully delivered The HAZON Drone Capability Development™ service to large organizations. The process starts with HAZON working directly with your team to understand your requirements. We then source the appropriate UAS equipment to meet your requirements, and train your drone operators at your location to your specific use cases. Finally we provide ALL of the programmatic support necessary to ensure safe, efficient and effective drone operations tailored to your ultimate program.
To develop a custom drone solution to meet your goals please contact Ed Hine, Director of Drone Capability Development, at (757) 962-9000 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The HAZON Drone Capability Development™ Includes:


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Enterprise Capability Development
Hazon Drone Training System
Drone Training System

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The delivery of actionable information that enhances our client’s efficiency and reliability by executing and enabling unmanned flight operations founded on naval aviation principles.

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HAZON Solutions is the industry leader - Providing unmanned aerial inspection services, capability development and professional grade drone fleet management software.

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