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Drone Services

The Unmanned Industry Leaders Designing, Developing, Supporting, Operating and Independently Verifying and Validating Drone Technology Systems.

Our Capabilities

Infrastructure Aerial Inspections

HAZON Solutions is conducting FAA sanctioned operational testing of sUAS inspections including high voltage power line towers, cellular phone towers, bridges and water towers. Equipped with high definition and infrared cameras, sUAS enable safe and efficient alternatives to imaging from manned aircraft or personnel climbing the structures to conduct visual inspections. HAZON Solutions is actively involved in testing and research in partnership with the Mid Atlantic Aviation Partnership (MAAP) developing procedures for the operation of unmanned sensors. HAZON Solutions has the unique ability to train large organizations in the operational standards for fielding safe and reliable sUAS to perform inspections.


The HAZON Drone Capability Development™

Drones have incredible potential to provide safety, financial and quality improvements. However, having right programatic framework and processes in place is the key to the long term success of the program to ensure the benefits The goal is to create a professional drone operation that compliments and supports your existing operational structure and safety culture. Learn More About Drone Services >>


Public Safety and First Responders

HAZON is currently working with law-enforcement, fire and other first responders refining targeted concept of operations (CONOPs) for a broad range of missions normally handled by these community service elements. Tests are on-going in Florida, Virginia and Connecticut.


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