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Drones for Storm Response in High-Demand | Gear-up with this Checklist

Many utility and power companies are preparing for the upcoming storm season by soliciting UAS service providers.

This post will tell you what you need to know to make sure you select the best drone service provider and will provide you with a pre-planning checklist to gear-up before the storm season rolls in!

Recovering from storms can be a challenging task.


The time to add drones to the mix is not immediately after an angry VP demands to know why there aren't drones flying immediate post storm.


With sometimes thousands of first responders coming in its extremely difficult to utilize everyone properly, especially when companies are implementing new technology to help with the recovery process. Whether its capturing damages, inspecting lines in hard to reach areas, or live feeds for real-time processing developing new procedures on the fly is unlikely to be successful.  You must have a plan in place to utilize the drone when the time comes.

HAZON has responded to a variety of different emergency scenarios from hurricanes to ice storms to fire responses. One key trend we've noticed is a lack of plannng early enough to utilize drones in an efficient, effective and safe way – this results in underutilization and under delivery on results. 

We often see that utility and industrial owners are well versed in elements of traditional pre-storm planning. As adoption rates pickup for unmanned systems, drone operations should be embedded in these traditional pre-storm planning programs.

First, we must emphasize how important it is to qualify a vendor with a proven track record well in advance.  Mission critical inspections take past and proven experience.  For further reading check out HAZON’s published lessons learned from Irma 2017 -   Crisis Response Lessons Learned


Your Storm Response Checklist
  1. Establish storm response contracts with drone service providers
    1. Verify
      1. credentials
      2. qualifications
      3. capabilities
      4. equipment

  2. Define contact procedures and processes

  3. Define mission requirements (pre-storm)
    1. Comprehensive visual inspection
    2. Linear inspection
    3. Mapping
    4. Live feed
    5. Post storm reconnaissance

  4. Name and notify internal points of contact that know the area and where the problem areas are

  5. Have KML/KMZ files or maps of power lines ready to share

  6. Make contact before the storm arrives (Plan) and potentially preposition crews in advance of the storm


Best practices include pairing drone teams with multiple repair crews using the drone crew to scout ahead looking for damaged equipment and access points

Now that you know the 9 point checklist for establish your drone emergency plan - get started now.




Service Focus: Our primary focus is delivering inspection services to those companies with significant investments in critical infrastructure.  We leverage our aviation expertise to collect actionable data that is otherwise difficult, dangerous or costly to gather.


Mission: The mission of HAZON Solutions is to deliver actionable information that enhances our client’s efficiency and reliability by executing and enabling unmanned flight operations founded on naval aviation principles.

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The delivery of actionable information that enhances our client’s efficiency and reliability by executing and enabling unmanned flight operations founded on naval aviation principles.

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