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Drone Solutions - Significant Industry Changes

Drone Solutions - Significant Industry ChangesThe unmanned industry is going through a period of significant change. We are exiting one phase and entering a new one. The era of proof-of-concept drone programs is coming to a close while the era of mass adoption is beginning. We are seeing this transition every day, especially in the utilities sector, where more and more companies are advertising how drones are integrating into their existing practices.

Many businesses are simply outsourcing the drone requirements while other organizations are developing their own organic drone solutions. At HAZON we believe that most enterprises will ultimately settle into a hybrid scenario where drone services are concerned. They will likely insource the benign, steady state work and outsource the complex, difficult or otherwise undesirable jobs. We strive to offer a complete end-to-end drone solution for any organization.

We have several different drone solutions that each stand on their own as functional and complete products, yet together create a complete offering. At our core, we are a service provider specializing in the precision inspection of critical infrastructure. Everyday our professional drone pilots are living and working in the most demanding environments completing the most challenging tasks. We offer our customers unmatched quality paired with a safety focused mindset.

Early on we recognized a requirement to support those organizations that wanted to stand up their own internal drone program – to that end we created our Drone Capability Development (DCD) offering. Within DCD are several different drone solutions ranging from basic and advanced flight training, consulting, standard operating procedure development, and of course HAZON DMS™ - fleet management software for unmanned systems. For those organizations building an organic drone program we offer a complete drone solution. Our goal is to develop a program that integrates seamlessly into an existing corporate structure while executing at the highest levels of both effectiveness and safety.

HAZON Solutions is committed to a better more informed future through the safe and effective use of unmanned systems. We believe the best way to achieve our goals is by offering complete drone solutions for any organization looking to leverage the considerable benefits unmanned aviation offers.

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