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Two Fundamental Truths To Aerial Data Collection

Aerial Data Collection Aerial Data Collection

One of the many branches from the drone industry tree is aerial data collection – the segment that remains at the core of our company three years after its founding.  At HAZON Solutions we believe there are two fundamental truths to aerial data collection.  Two truths that are often forgotten in an industry enamored with the latest technology.  Two truths that consistently yield exceptional results. 


1. The process is more important than the requirement

We work in a requirements driven industry.  A company may require photos that detail the condition of a power transmission line insulator, or perhaps the status of critical bridge support structures are in question.  Every aerial data collection mission starts with a single focus point or questions “What is the requirement?”.  That does not however make it the most important part of how we do business at HAZON.  Once we understand that requirement in detail we apply a proprietary process.  It is that process that is foundational to how we achieve extraordinary aerial data collection results, how we add value to our customers, how we stay safe in our execution of the requirement. 


2. The people are more important than equipment

In fairness, we borrowed this one from the US military’s Special Operations Command.  Aerial data collection requires the assessment of many nuanced situations every day if not every flight.  Each situation likely comes with several variables all of which must be accounted for.  Decisions must be, made often quickly, in order to safely conduct drone fight operations.  It is a well-trained, well-prepared and well-coordinated team that can effectively make those decisions regardless of the equipment they are working with.  This team is at the heart of everything we do at HAZON, they are the critical component to our core business, aerial data collection.

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