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IR Capable Drones For Fire Prevention

HAZON Solutions CEO, CAPT Dave Culler, JR. USN (Ret) will be attending the Fire Prevention Association of Massachusetts – 2017 Educational Seminar 30th Annual Conference in April. The goal of the seminar is to provide ongoing educational programs for the members of the Fire Prevention Association of Massachusetts, Inc. Dave is looking forward to discussing how HAZON can provide support to the first responder community in the form of HAZON’s Drone Capability Development program. HAZON has the ability to equip and train fire departments with the tools necessary to provide critical real time information to command elements both on scene and at remote control locations. Using advanced IR capable drones, fire departments will be able to dramatically increase their situational awareness prior to ever entering a structure. IR sensors will give teams the ability to assess a situation without risking lives. IR capable drones can also provide a robust Search And Rescue (SAR) capability to any first responder team. HAZON looks forward to discussing IR Drone usage and training opportunities at the Seminar and moving forward.

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