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HAZON Trains Jamaica’s JPSCo Take Flight with UAV's

hazonFebruary 26, 2016 - Kingston, Jamaica. HAZON Solutions (HAZON) announced today that they have completed the first of a three phase program to provide UAV Flight Training for the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPSCo).

“HAZON was honored to be selected to help JPSCo to become the first company in Jamaica and the Caribbean to begin to use UAV’s to improve safety, efficiency and overall reliability to their system,” said HAZON President and Co-Founder Sean Cushing. “The lineman selected from all across the country did a great job learning to fly. They understood right away the safety and efficiency benefits and focused on learning everything we could teach them about the UAV’s.”

HAZON Solutions is a veteran owned and operated UAV company that specializes in conducting precision inspections of critical infrastructure primarily for Fortune 1000 companies in the United States. Training JPSCo constitutes the first opportunity for HAZON to travel outside of the US to teach their UAV best practices developed from through their center of excellence in Virginia.

“…they (HAZON) displayed excellent professional conduct and determination to depart as much of their knowledge and experiences in safety, principles of operation and maintenance and the required mind-set to operate UAVs.” stated Hugh Hamilton, Manager for JPSCo UAV Program. “This is the best UAV training we’ve had.”

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HAZON Solutions LLC (HAZON) is the leading developer of sUAV operations and capability development for large organizations. The company has deep roots in Naval aviation, nuclear propulsion and ISR (intelligence, surveillance and recon) operations. This unique skill set enables HAZON to assist Fortune 1000 companies in the development of all aspects of drone operations. HAZON is a Veteran owned and operated sUAV service’s company located in Virginia Beach, VA. HAZON is an equal opportunity employer.

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