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UAV Inspection of Critical US Infrastructure Highest Standard Set

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) — more commonly known as “drones” — are notorious for bad press. From collisions with military aircraft, to misuse by terrorist organizations, and threats to our last remnants of privacy, people are as fearful as they are curious about drones. The reality is that drones are on the rise — new research predicts an 84% or $220M increase in 2016 alone — and this surge in sales isn’t driven nearly so much by surveillance, drug smuggling, or terrorism as it’s necessitated by the agricultural, energy, transportation, and telecommunications industries.

While the FAA continues to establish UAV regulations, leading US small UAV service provider HAZON Solutions is setting a new paradigm for how and by whom drones should be flown. The company, lead by the most highly qualified US military veterans with combined experience in Naval carrier aviation, nuclear plant operations, and intelligence systems, has partnered with numerous Fortune 1000 companies to conduct precision aerial inspections of the country’s most critical infrastructure. The net effect is driving profits by increasing safety and efficiency while saving lives.

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The delivery of actionable information that enhances our client’s efficiency and reliability by executing and enabling unmanned flight operations founded on naval aviation principles.

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HAZON Solutions is the industry leader - Providing unmanned aerial inspection services, capability development and professional grade drone fleet management software.

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