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HAZON Solutions appears on CNN

Washington, DC. Feb. 16, 2015 - HAZON Solutions (HAZON) leadership was invited to appear on CNN to comment on the recently released FAA proposed Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for small UAS.  CEO David Culler and President Sean Cushing had an opportunity to share their thoughts on what these proposed rules mean to the UAS industry.  

HAZON CEO David A. Culler, Jr. believes, “This (NPRN) is a great first step in the right direction to safely integrate unmanned systems into the national airspace and promote this emerging industry. Our European competitors are well ahead of us in the UAV services market.  HAZON Solutions is committed to supporting its industry partners and the FAA by providing solutions for finalizing these rules and regulations in a prompt and responsible manner.”

HAZON UAV Pilot, Mark Genung, provided a live flight demonstration inside CNN’s news studio demonstrating the safe, stabile flight characteristics and capabilities of this evolving technology. HAZON recently completed a five-month test program with Virginia Tech University and a commercial partner, validating how the use of Small UAVs to conduct infrastructure inspections of power line towers and high span bridges will significantly increase safety by reducing the need for personnel to climb and inspect towers and bridges unnecessarily.

“Small UAV’s (Drones) are ready to save lives and increase overall safety now. Saving money and time is a good thing for our customers. Saving lives is a great thing for everyone. This is the single biggest reason we (HAZON) are working everyday to promote the safe and expeditious introduction of Small UAVs into the toolkit of the US workforce as soon as possible.” Sean Cushing, HAZON Solutions President.

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HAZON Solutions is the leading developer of UAV operations and management programs. The company's singular focus is providing subject matter expertise in the area of aerial platform asset management and operations. The company has deep roots in Naval aviation, nuclear propulsion and ISR (intelligence, surveillance and recon) systems. This unique skill set permits them to assist Fortune 1000 companies in the development of operations, maintenance, safety and security programs and policies that enable the independent validation and verification processes.

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