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4,500 Power Structures & 55,000 Linear Feet of Bridge Inspected

As of March 8th, HAZON Solutions proudly announces that we’ve passed two significant milestones in the drone services sector.  HAZON has now inspected more than 4,500 individual transmission line structures and over 55,500 linear feet of bridge. 


“This demonstrates that even though we are further developing our Drone Development Capability, especially our training offering, at our core we are an industry leading service provider.” Says COO of the company Sean Cushing.

Our Mission

The mission of HAZON Solutions is to conduct, support, develop, and validate small unmanned systems operations. Our goal is to provide unmatched quality, safety, and value to our customers.

Customers First…Safety Always!

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HAZON Solutions is the industry leader - Providing unmanned aerial inspection services, capability development, test and evaluation and research and development.

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