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sUAS Pilot in Command (PIC)

Job Description

Multi-Rotor and Fixed Wing small UAS Pilot. The Pilot is also the Mission Commander in charge of a two to three man flight team. Upon completion of training, the PIC, will be certified to control the UAS semi-autonomously preprogrammed via the ground control station or more typically by directly controlling the UAV manually operating within line-of-sight to the Pilot.

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sUAS Sensor Operator

Job Description

Small UAS Camera and Sensor Operator. The Sensor Operator controls the UAV payload including high definition video, still imagery, infrared and multi-spectral camera systems. Upon completion of two months of HAZON training in Chesapeake, VA will be certified to control the payload in coordination with the sUAS Pilot.

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Our Mission

The mission of HAZON Solutions is to conduct, support, develop, and validate small unmanned systems operations. Our goal is to provide unmatched quality, safety, and value to our customers.

Customers First…Safety Always!

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HAZON Solutions is the industry leader - Providing unmanned aerial inspection services, capability development, test and evaluation and research and development.

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